When I got this in the mail and felt the weight to the box, I was already anticipating greatness. When I got to opening the box and looked inside, it was packaged nicely and all of the products were neatly placed inside a mesh pouch with a little bit of the paper filling on each side.

When I laid  the products out before me, I was more than happy because the products definitely exceeded 12 dollars.

 Moonlight Radiance Night Cream | Merlot
I have heard about this products from a youtube beauty vlogger and wanted to try but never had the chance. Yes it did come in foil packets which may be a turn off to some but it came with three of them. You dont even need a lot of a night cream since it is very thick and concentrated so each packet should last 3-4 days and I have 3 of them! Sounds like a good trial time to me!

Purity Masque | evie evan
While I have never heard of this company before, you can never have too many masques. The sample is in a decent size glass jar that maybe has two uses of product in it. I will keep you updated on how I enjoy the product.

 Beauty Flash Maxi | Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics
Once again I have not heard of this product but it seems to have an interesting concept. With a single spray the product is supposed to firm and tone the skin within the minute. The sample packaging says that there is only one use in the product though so I dont know if I will be able to see results. I have to save this product for a time that I feel I really need it. 

 Hawaiin Shea Body Butter | Tree Hut
Wow. This smells….Wow. The thick and creamy body butter melts right into the skin, absorbing quickly but still leaves the skin feeling super hydrated. The smell is amazing and the size of the product is really great. Since I do not have to use a lot to get good moisture, this sample will last me a good while and I am not complaining!

Miracle Hair Mask | It’s a 10

Miracle Styling Serum |It’s a 10

I am just going to give my first impression on these two products together since they are the same company. They are both single foil packets but I am always looking for new products for my hair since I like to condition it a lot and repair heat damage. With hair masks, you only need to use it once to see how it works and since I have load of hair masks already, its not like I need a lot of this sample. I do like to always have some new ones though, so my hair doesn’t get used to a product and so I don’t get any product buildup.
The Serum is a single packet as well but again, you dont need to use a lot of a serum, maybe i will depot it into a small container so it is more convenient then having the foil packet sit out. 

Overall, I am loving this service and will continue my subscription and see if they can live up to the impression that was made on me from the first box. The only thing that I wish, is that there would be makeup products and not just skincare and hair care. I am looking forward to my next box and maybe my wish will be answered. For now though, I am highly satisfied and would recommend this service to all you beauty junkies out there!